Product Safety

CAMA, along with other EFC Councils and stakeholders sponsored a feasibility study on a “National Electrical Product Safety Program” in Canada. The consultants have concluded their work and the final report Building a National System for the Management of Electrical Product Safety in Canada was released by the National Product Safety Advisory Council (NPSAC) on October 25, 2010. The report leans heavily on a recommendation to anchor a program to Health Canada’s Consumer Product Safety Act, Bill C-36.

In anticipation of the passing of Bill C-36, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Health Canada Consumer Product Safety Directorate (CPSD) and Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). The MOU will “enable cooperative efforts on electrical product issues, recalls and corrective action” and will specifically allow for Confidential Business Information sharing between the two parties as long as a binding agreement exists. It may also include ESA engagement on incident reports received by Health Canada from anywhere in Canada.

Copies of the report and the MOU are now available on the Members Only section of the CAMA website.

A copy of the consultants’ report is also available in French upon request.

EFC, CAMA and CEMC will continue to participate on the steering committee dealing with further National System Developments . We will actively follow up, communicate, and seek member guidance and input to the process as it evolves.