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The Quest for a Safe Cyberspace: Developing Standards for Industry 4.0 & IIOT in the Canadian Electrical Industry

Presented by Lead Corporate Sponsor, CSA Group

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Michel Girard - Zoom Webinar

 July 9, 2020 | 2pm EST

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As member manufacturers and distributors transition towards digitization, Industry 4.0 is an important reality to prepare for. This requires the electro-technical sector to rethink current processes, experiences, and the systems critical to drive progress. What do these changes mean for standards development and the safety of Canada’s Electrical sector? Do standards exist on an international level when it comes to cybersecurity and the digitization of ‘everything’? How do we transition safely towards Industry 4.0? How do we manage cybersecurity, now that COVID19 has changed our working environments?

If you can relate to the questions above, cybersecurity likely keeps you awake at night.

This webinar will cover:

  • Digitization processes, gaps, and standards development.
  • Cybersecurity – An overview for improving the security of new working environments and digitized operations and supply chains.
  • IIOT – As first-generation IIOT devices are being designed, Canada can play an international role in the design and implementation of standardization strategies.
  • Details about the new alliance between EFC and CIOSC & how EFC members can play a role in this important partnership.

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