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National Advisory Council

The National Advisory Council (NAC) is a subset of EFC’s Board. Where EFC’s Board provides overall governance, sets policies and strategic goals for the association, NAC is responsible for planning and supporting the development of programs to align with EFC’s strategy.

Key Roles of NAC:

  • To work with the various arms of the industry to create a collaborative platform that allows the sharing of ideas and best practices
  • To ensure all facets of the industry are working together and in accordance with one another
  • To reduce the duplication of work among committees and regions by aligning processes
  • To build transparency and heighten engagement among regional and committee participants
  • To build awareness across Canada and within different levels of member corporations
  • To build tactical applications to support EFC’s strategy through the committees and regions
  • To engage smaller corporate members
  • To engage multiple levels of our corporate members, including regional organizations

View a listing of all NAC Executive members below: