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Business Sections

 Business Sections brochure available here

EFC’s Business Sections provide a platform for member companies in similar product verticals to collaborate on issues that are of common interest, including matters related to Codes and Standards. With advancements in globalization, the need for harmonized codes and standards has become paramount to the Canadian electrical industry. This standardization helps open the door for companies to explore new market opportunities while also reducing a business’ overall operational costs.

EFC members are strongly encouraged to participate in a Business Section to ensure their company’s views are represented on codes and standards development and other important industry issues. Without your company’s representation in section meetings, positions are being crafted by your competitors and others who may not necessarily share your organization’s point of view.

EFC’s Business Section members discuss matters related to:

  • Codes & standards
  • Changes in regulations, such as those that apply to energy efficiency, electrical safety or product recycling
  • Proposed trade laws
  • New technology and market trends
  • End user concerns and requirements
  • Marketing and communications concerns, resulting in public and/or industry education campaigns
  • Any other topics affecting the business environment in Canada or globally

Important Note: The Business Sections adhere to a strict code of conduct. These guidelines are addressed at the beginning of every meeting to ensure compliance. Review EFC’s Meetings Guidelines.

Codes & Standards

Each Business Section works collectively to support the advancement of codes and standards in Canada. Visit Codes & Standards for details on all open, pending and closed activities that EFC and Business Section members are involved in.

Harmonization: North American harmonization has been identified by EFC members as key to advancing market opportunities, while also streamlining processes and reducing manufacturing costs. A summary of the harmonization projects that EFC and its section members have undertaken can be found here: Harmonization Summary
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The EFC Technical Advisory Council (ETAC) is represented by the top technical EFC committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs of all EFC’s Business Sections, as well as other Technical advisors from EFC’s member groups.

Thank you to all our members for their active participation in our product section committees, it is your collective voice that helps power our changing world.

EFC members are represented in one or more of the following business sections: