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Helping Women ‘Power Up’ in the Canadian Electrical Industry Professional Development. Empowerment. Lifestyle.

EFC’s Women’s Network

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Helping Women ‘Power Up’ in the Canadian Electrical Industry 

The Electrical industry is an innovative market that thrives on new technologies, superior services and a talented workforce that helps power Canada’s changing world.

This workforce is empowered by a strong network of people that we lean on and learn from. EFC is dedicated to supporting the electrical industry’s journey in becoming a career destination for people of all diverse backgrounds—building a solid foundation for diversity and inclusion for a broader workforce.

Today, EFC member companies employ over 42,000 workers from coast-to-coast in Canada. Approximately 24% of this total workforce is represented by women. The average percentage of women in the workforce in Canada is 44%. To help address this gender gap, EFC has placed a strategic focus on diversity and inclusion.

Few of us reach our goals without the support of others. Normalizing women in trades and technology careers will take industry and educational leadership and commitment, as well as individual ownership for change, to ensure our industry becomes truly reflective of the society that we live in.

~ Electricity Human Resources Canada

This all-inclusive Women’s Network extends invites to CEOs, executives, management and all EFC member professionals. Regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, if you can be an integral member through your contributions in the empowerment of women in our industry you are encouraged to join.

At the May 2019 EFC conference in Quebec City, we held a women’s breakfast, where both men and women attended, to better understand the barriers and successes women in our industry experience, so we can develop the appropriate support mechanisms.

~ Carol McGlogan, EFC

Did You Know?

EFC is a proud signatory of the Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity, a pledge formed by Electricity Human Resources Canada that acknowledges public commitments by Canadian employers, educators, unions and governments to promote the values of diversity and inclusion within their organizations.