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Professional Development

There is growing concern for workforce skills gaps in the electrical industry as well as in other sectors. Employers are challenged to find skilled workers; and employees need skills development to meet today’s job demands. To support members’ professional development requirements, EFC has partnered with the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED), the National Electrical Manufacturers’ Representatives’ Association (NEMRA) and CSA Group to provide Canadian members with workforce development resources and programs.

Whether you’re a manager who is searching for ways to strengthen your group’s skills and knowledge base, or you’re a member employee who wants to improve your skillset to help advance your career, the following programs are available to all members:

If you have any questions about the above program offerings, please contact EFC Member Services at

Looking for a course pertaining to your channel? Here are some suggestions:

Manufacturers: Codes and Standards, EFC Playbooks, Leadership RoadmapNAED: EPEC courses, NEMRA Power Index

Distributors: EFC Playbooks, Industrial Distribution Program, Leadership Roadmap, all NAED courses, UID

Manufacturers’ Reps: CPMR, EFC Playbooks, Leadership Roadmap, NAED: EPEC courses, all NEMRA courses


The Industrial Automation Playbook: An Introduction to the Electrical and Automation sector, its players and business

The Industrial Automation Playbook has been designed to build a strong learning foundation for new industry employees and provides existing, tenured employees with professional development opportunities to help sharpen their skillsets and industry knowledge.