Call for Participation: Shaping the IT Network Forward

EFC’s IT Network seeks the expertise and support of IT professionals from the member community.

A robust and resilient IT infrastructure is crucial for your organization’s success in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. By building, shaping, and strengthening the electrical industry’s IT community, we can enhance collaboration, share best practices, drive innovative solutions, and strive to ensure seamless IT operations.

Alexander Popov, Vice President of Information Technology from Sonepar Canada Inc, will chair this network alongside Maryna Kalnoochenko, Director of IT, EFC network team lead.

The IT Network will meet a few times per year, and members can participate and benefit in several ways:

  • Sharing Knowledge, Referrals, and Experience
  • Collaborating on IT Projects
  • Staying Informed and Engaged with the latest trends
  • Foster a Culture of Innovation

If you or any colleagues would be interested in participating in this network, please fill out the form below or contact Maryna Kalnoochenko, Director IT, at or 416-892-7999.

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