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(CEMRA) Manufacturers’ Agents

Canadian Electrical Manufacturers’ Representatives Association

EFC’s CEMRA is the only network of its kind in Canada that connects leading sales and marketing agencies with electrical equipment manufacturers—creating powerful synergies that accelerate channel opportunities. CEMRA members are part of a professional group that is strongly valued and recognized by EFC’s manufacturer members.

View a full listing of EFC-CEMRA members and discover how you can join this growing network and expand your footprint in the Canadian Electrical industry.

Who can join? Independent sales representatives (persons or corporations) in the Canadian Electrical industry who have been in business for a minimum of two years, and who represent two or more electrical manufacturers and who maintain their own office and employees, independent of their manufacturer partners.

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The EFC CEMRA Rep Advantage

The EFC CEMRA Rep Advantage Accelerates Growth 

CEMRA is a group of third-party manufacturers’ sales representatives with unique characteristics that set them apart from the rest. These businesses have a growth mindset and are community-minded. Their desire to join CEMRA and EFC is based on developing themselves and their businesses via best practices, workforce development, and business and market intelligence. Their focus on community is demonstrated in their activities to elevate the professionalism and effectiveness of CEMRA members while also networking with and supporting the manufacturer and distributor communities. These attributes of a CEMRA member are layered on top of the benefits of a third-party sales model described below.

To view EFC’s CEMRA Rep Advantage brochure, click here.

Connect with the EFC team to learn about the CEMRA reps available in various provinces and markets.


CMG (CEMRA Manufacturers Group)

The CMG (CEMRA Manufacturers Group) Committee includes EFC member manufacturers and CEMRA reps who gather regularly to provide a platform for the exchange of information. Through this committee, members share and gain valuable business insights, networking, best practices, and professional development.

The objectives of the CMG are:

  • Provide an opportunity for the exchange of information through discussion, study and research designed to promote positive interactions between manufacturers and independent representatives.
  • Promote and improve the mutual effectiveness of the manufacturer and rep relationship.

Members who are interested in learning more about this committee are welcome to contact Carol McGlogan at

Resources: NEMRA Best Practices for Manufacturers and Rep Partnerships

Workforce Development resources: To support your professional development requirements, EFC has partnered with the National Electrical Manufacturers’ Representatives’ Association (NEMRA) and several other groups to provide Canadian members with workforce development resources and programs. Learn more

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CMG Best Practices: Resources for CEMRA Reps, Distributors, & Manufacturers 

EFC’s CMG (CEMRA Manufacturers Group) committee has developed a resource package to share industry best practices that are proven when working with a rep agency.

If your organization represents multiple suppliers or you’re a manufacturer or distributor, following these proven Best Practices can level-set your team against the competition. 

Request a copy of the following best practices:

  • Annual Planning Between Reps and Manufacturers 
  • Branch Visits with Manufacturers and Reps
  • Joint Calls Between Reps and Distributors

To request your copy, please click on this form, and a copy of each best practice will be sent to you automatically.