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How to Join

Experience the power of membership by becoming an EFC member today.

Membership Criteria: All prospective members must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be paying business tax in Canada for at least two (2) years prior to becoming a member.
  2. You must have employees and/or manufacturer’s agent representation, residing and working in Canada.
  3. You must not engage in grey market, counterfeit activity, price dumping and human rights violations.
  4. Membership will be subject to one (1) year probation.

A complete application must include three (3) sponsor attestations from a minimum of two (2) member categories: manufacturer, distributor, manufacturer’s representative, and field service providers.

Are you ready to join EFC’s dynamic electrical community? Contact EFC for a membership application form and submit it to Tom Mason.

Applications are available for Manufacturers, Distributors, CEMRA, Field Service, and Affiliate Partners.

Please contact Tom Mason at 647-274-0884.
For CEMRA membership enquiries, contact Nathalie Lajoie at 647-461-2046.