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Connected Business Assessment Toolkit

Become a Change Champion for your organization
with the Connected Business Assessment Toolkit

Digital transformation takes strategy, collaboration, readiness – and a roadmap.
Map your organization’s digital journey by examining where you need to start.

Change management and supply chain resiliency have become increasingly important to businesses. EFC members have an opportunity to prepare for the next evolution of business with an end-to-end look at their organization’s potential for change management and current system readiness  to drive new efficiencies and heighten service levels and profitability.

EFC has teamed up with the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) to offer an online toolkit to transform your organization’s digital journey. EFC members have access to two Connected Business Readiness Assessments that help identify gaps and uncover opportunities to expand digital systems, processes and services across your entire business – from sales and marketing to IT, operations, HR and customer service.

The toolkit features:

  • Change Readiness Assessment: focuses on people, plans and processes across business systems, including Human Capital, Revenue Engine, Operations, Information Technology and Business Steering. Designed to uncover your ability to manage change and guides you through critical success factors for effectively pursuing digital opportunities across business systems.

  • System Readiness Assessment: uncovers your digital maturity across data, users and technologies and guides you through critical success factors. This assessment covers digital opportunities over four time periods: Immediate Term, Near-term (1-2 years), Mid-term (2-4 years), and Long-term (4-6 years).

What’s involved? Each assessment is conducted online and features a set of 100 multiple-choice questions to provide a 360-degree view of your company’s change management and system capabilities. You will receive a digital maturity scorecard based on your organization’s responses to address gaps, potential opportunities and recommended next steps.

Who can participate? The assessments are for internal company use and are ideal for all EFC manufacturers, distributors and reps.

It is generally recommended that 5-10 individuals take part in the assessments to provide a strong baseline and view of your company. Your company may opt to conduct the assessments together as a team, or individually. Whatever your preference, it is advised to select a cross-section of team members from a range of roles and responsibilities to participate in the assessments (cross-functional: HR, marketing, sales, operations, customer service and cross-roles: support staff and senior management).

Confidentiality: All individual responses and scorecards are held in strict confidence; only the compiled results can be shared within your organization.

Cost: $999 USD 

What’s Included?

  • online access to both assessment platforms: Change Readiness Assessment + Systems Readiness Assessment
  • unlimited number of participants within your business
  • executive summary of results, scorecards and roadmap
  • copy of the ‘Building a Connected Business’ report

Ready to get started? Fill out the form on this page and Sandra Pedro will be in contact to confirm your company’s participation.

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