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Safety Guide for Purchasing Electric Motors for Use in Canada

Before you purchase Motors, ensure you purchase products that meet the Canadian electrical code requirements, apply to product standards, and are certified by a recognized certification body. The consequences of not purchasing certified products can create unsafe working conditions, be a legal liability to your company, and increase operational downtimes and costs. Motor Manufacturers members of Electro-Federation Canada developed this checklist to assist customers in purchasing safe and reliable motors that meet safety and quality standards.

Safety Guide for Purchasing Electric Motors

Download this checklist to keep on hand before placing your next electrical motor order.

Before you purchase:

1. Purchase from a trusted source.
Purchase from a trusted source. Reputable manufacturers and electrical distributors stand by the products they advertise and sell. Their products are made to the highest standards and comply with testing requirements to ensure you purchase a quality, reliable, safe product.


*  The certification mark of an SCC-accredited certification body is evidence that representative sample(s) of the product have been tested/evaluated and found in compliance with applicable safety standard(s) as well as the requirements of the certification body involved. The certification marks do not extend to safe application or product installation and end-use. Manufacturers’ guidelines along with applicable codes and regulations must be reviewed for the safe application, installation and use of electrical products.