#BreakTheBias Headlines EFC’s International Women’s Day Program

Over 100 members gathered online on March 8th to celebrate the remarkable achievements this industry has led to advance diversity, equity and inclusion. During the program, EFC shared the federal government’s 50/30 Challenge, a framework to accelerate diversity actions across Canadian organizations, which EFC has committed to supporting. EFC also featured intentional conversations with a group of panelists who shared personal experiences and guidance on how to build a more inclusive industry. We thank the following members for their participation in the panel discussion: Catherine McKeown, Hammond Power Solutions; Vanessa Ricard, Agence Ricard; Krystyna LeBlanc, Eddy Group; Rob Dewar, AD Canada; and Salma Siddiqui, Ascot Capital Group. A special thanks as well to our program sponsors, AD Canada, Leviton, Ledvance, Ouellet and Rockwell Automation for their generous support in awarding audience members with a Starbuck’s gift card as a token to celebrate this important day.

Women encounter many barriers to advancement into leadership positions, and these barriers include unconscious gender bias. We each have a responsibility to build new habits and debunk our own biases and those of others to help support women in the workforce – as well as other underrepresented groups in our industry. EFC will continue to create touchpoints to help our industry implement inclusive efforts through education, networks, benchmarks and best practices. Join EFC’s Women’s Network today to help advance these efforts.

The following are several tools and resources to support your organization’s #BreakTheBias movement and to support gender parity:

50 Ways to Fight Biasincludes discussion guides and flash cards for team activities

Types of Biases

 50/30 Challengesign your company up as a signatory here to receive resources
See the list of participating Canadian organizations

Gender and Standardization Strategy (Standards Council of Canada)