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Greener Electrified Canada Network

Chair: Pratap Revuru, Schneider Electric

Overview: The purpose of Greener Electrified Canada (GEC) is to collaborate on climate change, decarbonization & energy efficiency.  The network will build the industry message to government on policy development, regulations & incentives.  It will be influential in the direction of government policies and market drivers resulting in the growth of manufacturing within Canada beneficial for electrification & sustainability.

There are 3 committees to discuss policies, regulations & incentives:

  • Grid – acceleration of grid modernization, Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) & microgrids.
    Vice Chair: Alex Melancon, Phoenix Contact
  • Building efficiencies – promotion of the switch to clean technologies including lighting, controls & smart technologies and heating.
    Vice Chair:
  • E-Mobility – promotion of expansion of electric vehicle infrastructure, Energy Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) & energy storage.
    Vice Chair: Luis Leal, Phoenix Contact