CEMRA Chairmanship Exchange Takes Place

Last week, the CEMRA Chairmanship exchange was completed virtually during the CEMRA Membership meeting. On behalf of EFC and CEMRA, we would like to extend our congratulations and well wishes to Mike Hodges, Adanac Sales Inc, who has recently completed his two year term as Chair of CEMRA.

Hodges has been instrumental on many fronts during a very challenging term due to the pandemic. However, with his leadership and contribution for the betterment of CEMRA, he successfully navigated through his 24-month term very professionally.

Mike Hodges

“There is a long history with CEMRA and to be elected as the CEMRA Chair for the past two years was something I took very seriously,” Hodges said. “I was honoured to have had the opportunity to lead CEMRA and found the experience to be very rewarding! It is an opportunity to not only give back, but to learn about our industry and the challenges we face collectively across the country. It was an experience well worth the time and effort.”

From fostering greater transparency and succession planning for CEMRA, to the creation of the CEMRA Network Groups, and the enhancement of the rep business model in Canada, Hodges worked diligently for the membership while more than doubling the overall CEMRA member satisfaction ratings. As CEMRA Chair, he was also a part of the EFC Board of Directors. Hodges extends his gratitude towards the CEMRA community at large, his executive team, and also the EFC Staff, Carol McGlogan and Nathalie Lajoie.

Brent Norrey

We are pleased to welcome Brent Norrey, Roney Marketing Ltd, as CEMRA Chair until May 2023. Norrey is looking forward to his term in making a difference with CEMRA membership, while increasing passive members to higher engagement levels, continuing the educational component, and adding value to CEMRA membership overall. Norrey explained, like Hodges, being an owner of a reputable rep business, he is familiar with what needs to be done to continue the legacy for CEMRA reps and their business.

Said Norrey: “I would like to thank Mike Hodges for his Virtual Chairmanship. My goals are simple: to continue to provide value through education and ensure your CEMRA membership lives up to the expectations you the members have tasked your board with providing you.”