Electrification Industry Whitepaper

The Canadian electrical industry is facing a period of dynamic change that is creating a multitude of business challenges and opportunities. Complex and interconnected trends in the economic, technological, social, regulatory and environmental spheres are re-shaping how energy is generated, distributed, sold and used—ushering in an exciting new era of electrification.

This whitepaper builds on discussions from the Electri-fyi Summit, summarizing the event’s key insights, along with additional research to provide an
overview of the following aspects of electrification:
• its definition, dimensions and drivers
• energy landscape in Canada and abroad
• its impact on transportation (special focus), residential, commercial and industrial sectors
• business opportunities for electrical industry companies

The main objective of this whitepaper is to provoke reflection on what electrification means for your business: how it will affect your operation; the product and service opportunities that may arise; and how to adapt to stay competitive.

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