Introducing EFC’s 2019-2020 Executive Committee & Board of Directors

At last week’s Annual General Meeting in Quebec City, EFC’s Nominating Committee announced the appointment of the following members to its Executive Committee and Board of Directors for 2019-2020:

EFC Executive Committee
Chair: Mark Schroeder – Rockwell Automation
Vice Chair: Roger Little – Rexel Canada
Past Chair: Peter Horncastle – Graybar Canada
Treasurer: David Nathaniel – Standard-Stanpro
Secretary: Nathalie Parisel – Anixter Canada
EFC: Carol McGlogan – Electro-Federation Canada

EFC Board of Directors
Frank Cistrone – Shawcor
Shirley Coyle – Cree Canada
Eric Deschenes – ABB Canada
Dan Drazilov – AD Canada
Trevor Elliot – Panduit Canada
Bill Hammond – Hammond Power Solutions
Kelly Hanson – Southwire Canada
Dave Hawker – Nexans Canada
Mike Hodges – Adanac Sales (Chair, EFC-CEMRA)
Peter Horncastle** – Graybar Canada
John Jenner – Electrozad Supply
Pierre Legare – Viscor (Chair, EFC’s National Advisory Council)
Roger Little** – Rexel Canada
Renee Lytle – E.B. Horsman & Son
George MacKinnon* – Aztec Electrical Supply
Kevin Mallory – Hubbell Canada
Carol McGlogan** – Electro-Federation Canada
Ann McLoughlan* – McLoughlan Supplies
David Nathaniel** – Standard-Stanpro
Dag Nyhof* – Ideal Industries
Nathalie Parisel** – Anixter Canada
Umesh Patel – Eaton
John Preville – Ledvance Canada
Javi Richmond – Weidmuller
Tim Rourke – Rittal Systems
Mark Schroeder** – Rockwell Automation
Nelson Squires* – WESCO Distribution
Greg Stephenson – Bartle and Gibson
Eric Tordjman – Mercor Lighting
Susan Uthayakumar – Schneider Canada
Todd Walford – Sonepar Ontario

** Members of the Executive Committee
* Nominated for re-election

EFC wishes to thank the following members who are retiring as directors from the Board:

Cliff Backman – Franklin Empire
Shelley Bacon – Northern Cables
Steve Boccadoro – Eaton
Frank Dunnigan – Techspan
Heather Gerrie-Kwant – Gerrie Electric
Robyn Eddy – Eddy Group
Russ Morgan – IPEX Electrical
Joris Myny (past chair) – Siemens
Nathalie Pilon (senator) – ABB
Peter Saccomanno – Lutron