EFC Welcomes New Atlantic Region Executive Committee Chair

EFC is pleased to announce Nathan Salmon as the new Chair of the Atlantic Region Executive Committee for a two-year term.

Nathan has served as Vice Chair on the Atlantic Region Executive Committee for the past three years and is currently the General Manager at Rexel Atlantic, one of the world’s largest electrical distribution companies. Nathan’s journey is defined by several notable achievements and a commitment to his community.

Born and raised in the Annapolis Valley, Nathan ventured west after attending Acadia University. He spent a decade thriving in the oil and gas sector, specializing in supply chain management. In 2013, he returned home to the City of Lakes with his family and made a career transition toward the electrical industry to align with evolving market trends.

Before joining Rexel Atlantic, Nathan held various roles in sales, ERP consulting, procurement, and pricing management, primarily within the construction sector.

Throughout his career, Nathan has consistently demonstrated dedication to excellence and results. In his spare time, he enjoys quality moments with his family, indulges in his passion for music and culture, and frequents the beach, particularly Hubbard’s Beach and the Shore Club. Nathan’s diverse skill set and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact position him as a valuable asset in both his professional endeavors and the communities he serves.

We also would like to thank Past Chair Kevin Savage, Next Sales & Marketing, for his tireless commitment to advancing the interests of EFC in the Atlantic Region, and for successfully serving an extended three-year term due to the departure of previous Chair Bill Clark.

Please join us in welcoming Nathan as Chair of the Atlantic Region Executive Committee. We wish him every success in the role and look forward to his continued contributions to the region as Chair.