EFC Welcomes New Corporate Sponsor: Purolator

Purolator has helped businesses keep their promises for over 60 years. From making sure materials arrive on time so work can begin, to fragile items arriving undamaged, Purolator’s reach and expertise in Canada allows us to create customer solutions for your business.

Keeping products within our network means fewer handoffs, full visibility, and increased speed to market. All shipments are accurately traced through the supply chain, including the handling of dangerous goods or goods that require special handling such as oversized packages.

As the leading integrated solution provider for industrial customers, Purolator can customize offerings to best suit the needs and objectives of each individual business they serve, which keeps supply chains moving and organizations thriving.

Build supply chain resiliency and meet customer expectations, all while delivering on your business’ promises.

Visit: http://resources.purolator.com/event/industrial-solutions-delivered to learn more and meet our team.