EFC Welcomes New Manufacturer Member: Omnify

Omnify is the global leader in customized LED backlighting solutions, enhancing creativity with innovative problem solving that impacts millions of LED lighting installations globally. For over 20 years, we have been providing best-in-class lighting solutions starting with the “original” light guided panel LumiSheet™. Today, we have improved on this benchmark product with the launch of OmniSheet™ and continue to provide customized, energy-efficient, turnkey LED backlighting solutions, technologies and consultation services in North America.

Design Flexibility – Omnify specializes in made-to-order production. All of our backlighting products are designed to meet your exacting specifications.
North American Made – Award-winning backlighting, designed and made in North America where modern craftsmanship is alive and well.
Absolute Quality – Our products begin with top-tier specifications and an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in our manufacturing processes.

The EFC-Official Representative from Omnify is Jeff Harris, Senior VP of Sales.

Visit: https://omnify.lighting/