The Digital Pivot

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EFC’s 2nd Annual Supply Chain Summit will be held virtually. You won’t want to miss this event…where the electrical industry meets modern supply chain technologies and emerging trends.

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Overview: Digital technologies have amplified the features and functionality of our electrical products and are fast-becoming mainstream in how we service our customers and partners. Learn how your organization can pivot its supply chain strategy towards a digitized and automated enterprise, optimizing supply chain management to reach new service levels, lower costs and improve overall operational effectiveness.

Who Should Attend?

+ Senior executives (CEO, CIOs, COOs)

+ Anyone responsible for the following functions within their organization:

Supply Chain
Digital Transformation
Information Technology


Keynote Presentations:

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  • Creating Your Digital Transformation Strategy for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    Jack will unlock knowledge and awareness of the digital transformation that is taking place in today’s world. His decades of experience designing, developing, and implementing emerging technologies have given him a deep understanding of how they evolve and are adopted. Shaw’s insight will provide a deep understanding of leading-edge technologies and how to view them less as a threat and more as a beacon for innovation. His message will give you the confidence to lead your organization through the many changes and disruptions that come with digital transformation.

  • Enabling the Future of Business for Customers

    Distributors are in a strong position to enable the future of business for customers by leveraging the power of big data and artificial intelligence, robots, B2B procurement platforms, robotic process automation, drones or autonomous vehicles and more. But commitment starts at the top and leaders must establish new processes for working with customers and metrics that are about achieving customer success measured in terms that are relevant for customers. Successful distributors will build a culture that goes beyond responding to customer requests. They will suggest innovations, line up resources for execution and work to implement plans. Then, by harnessing distributor relationships with suppliers, subject matter experts and service providers appropriate to the customer’s future, distributors can act as a project lead for designing solutions. Learn how your organization can support the future of business for customers by putting plans into action with the power of digital solutions and experience improved operational efficiencies, and above all, heightened service levels.

Agenda Highlights – click here for more details:

Customer Showcase:

  • Enabling the Future of Business for Customers – presented by Mark Dancer, Network for Business Innovation; Author of Innovate to Dominate
  • Customer Panel: What’s Next in Our Channel’s Digital Journey?– panelists include Wael Safwat, Black & MacDonald & Terry McSwain, TM3/Trade-Mark Industrial; Mario Albert, Sr. Director of Strategic Procurement from Hydro Quebec

Emerging Technologies Showcase:

  • Creating a Digital Transformation Strategy with Emerging Technologies – presented by Jack Shaw, Innovation & Technology Strategist, Breakthrough Business Technologies
  • Breakout Sessions: Building Your Supply Chain Toolkit (explore a host of topics including: Vendor Managed Inventory, Supply and Demand Planning, Network & Inventory Optimization, Smart Warehousing)



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Oct 15, 2020
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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