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November 24, 2021 | 1:00 pm EST | Zoom Webinar | $179 pp
(Group rates of 5+ are available, contact Roxanne Lafond

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As creative tech-savvy marketers, we are always looking up, moving forward, and evolving with the changing times to be relevant to our customers.

Steve Mast, President and Chief Innovation Officer of Delvinia will explore how our dramatic shift in culture combined with technology can create a reimagined world. Steve will discuss how to better understand your customers, get more value out of your existing data, and how to stay ahead with rapidly evolving trends and patterns.

This Future Forum Session will explore the following three areas:

1. How do we connect, anticipate, and meet the value needs of today’s customers?  How do we get into their heads? We need new ways to understand them.

2. As marketers, how do we keep pace with ever-changing cultural trends? We need to listen and stay informed.

3. How do we collect or utilize existing data with purpose? How can we implement data strategies that strengthen our connection with our customers?

Attend this virtual Future Forum to gain expert insight and explore the possibilities at hand when we reimagine marketing, and how technology can help us find answers to better understand and connect with customers.

There’s more,

The 2021 EFC Marketing Awards Recipients will be announced during this event. Please note, acceptance speeches will not be conducted during this webinar, instead, stay tuned for future acceptance videos. We look forward to announcing the winners who showcased their marketing programs to demonstrate how EFC members are powering a changing world in the Canadian Electrical industry.

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Who should attend?
+ Business Leaders
+ Marketing Professionals
+ Customer Service Managers
+ Customer Experience Leaders
+ Sales Leaders
+ Sales Operations


Speaker Bio:

Steve Mast’s philosophy is simple—success is measured by what you do and not what you say.

As President and CIO of Delvinia, he manages the Digital Innovation practice which applies a combination of human-centric design methods, data-driven insights and emerging digital technologies to craft new disruptive business models and digital products.

While originally trained in architecture, Steve began his career as a video game designer and producer in the early ‘90s. In 2000 he joined Delvinia, and began to build its digital marketing services practice. Steve is the current Chair of the Board of the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) and as a member of a variety of advisory boards.

Nov 24, 2021
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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