Guillevin International Joins EFC as Distributor Member

Founded in 1906 by François-Xavier Guillevin in Old Montreal, Guillevin International Co. has expanded considerably since the leadership of his wife Jeannine Guillevin Wood, through strategic acquisitions and the opening of numerous locations.

Guillevin International, with its nationwide distribution network, ranks among Canada’s largest distributors of electrical material. It is also a major distributor of safety products and equipment as well as industrial supplies. Its knowledgeable employees working in more than 100 Profit Centres in key locations across Canada ensures Guillevin’s success by distributing a wide variety of products from selected world-class manufacturers.

In today’s rapidly changing world of product innovation, specifications and requirements, Guillevin has many specialists in key segments of their electrical business, such as Automation and Controls, Project Management, Renewable Energy, Wire & Cable Management, Lighting Design and Controls, and Energy Management, which work closely with their leading suppliers to provide customers with the latest training and innovative solutions; coupled with their full line of electrical supplies stocked locally and backed by skilled and dedicated associates.

The EFC-Official Representative from Guillevin International Co. is Luc Rodier, Guillevin’s President & CEO.