Statistical Programs

Download the Statistical Programs brochure for a full overview

EFC delivers confidential market share programs to participating member companies. Each program has been customized and designed to meet the statistical needs and objectives of reporting participants. The programs allow members to gauge their share of the market in any given product category, monitor industry trends year-over-year and have access to the overall market size for their specific industry. With this data, members can identify trends in a number of interest areas, including emerging markets, overall market size, regional demographics, economic shifts, etc. Having access to this information is essential to the success of any business and can be utilized for strategic planning, allowing businesses to remain competitive during these transformative times.

EFC’s confidential statistical program is designed for different product segments and verticals, including:

Statistical Program Name Sample Product Scope
Lighting Fixtures Residential, Industrial & Outdoor Lighting segments by light source: incandescent, fluorescent / compact fluorescent, HID & Induction & LED, for a wide range of categories
Lamps Commercial, C&I and OEM Channels data collected for incandescent, fluorescent/compact fluorescent, HID, Halogen, LED & automotive lamps
Ballasts HID Ballasts, compact fluorescent / fluorescent magnetic and electronic ballasts, LED Ballasts for the distribution & OEM channels
Emergency Lighting Emergency lighting equipment, inverters, exit signs, running man exit signs, remote emergency lights, LED & other exit signs
Industrial Control Standard Products – including pushbuttons, switches, contactors, starters, sensors, etc, engineered products, terminal blocks, relays, safety products, power supplies, motion controls, ethernet switches
Programmable Controllers HMI – hardware & software, nano / micro / small / large controllers, safety controllers, industrial PCs, inputs / outputs
Variable Speed Drives Standard AC drive controls, 600V maximum, all horse powers, includes accessories
Medium Voltage Drives Adjustable frequency medium voltage drives up to 15,000 HP
Switchgear Metalclad / metal enclosed switchgears 5kV & over, power capacitors, breakers
Low Voltage Distribution Equipment Safety switches, loadcentres, meter centres, ground fault interrupters, panelboards, switchboards, meter centres, enclosed rotary type disconnects, surge protector devices
Distribution Transformers Liquid filled distribution transformers – single phase & three phase, padmount & polemount, all kVA ranges.
Power Transformers Liquid Immersed power transformers – self cooled equivalent ratings 3,001 kVA and larger, single and three-phase, all high and low voltages
Dry Type Transformers All dry type transformers including: three phase < 750 kVA ,  single phase  > 5 kVA, three phase 500 – 2500 kVA, three phase > 2501 kVA
Electric Heating Baseboard heaters, fan drive wall/celing heaters, construction heaters, cabinet heaters, etc.
Technical Services Power / Distribution products – dollars for engineering studies, start up / commissioning, maintenance and life extension
Motor & Generator AC, 3 phase, squirrel cage induction motors sold as an integral part of Motor driven apparatus.  Includes all NEMA frame motors.
Quarterly Distributor Stats High level Dollar shipments reported for Direct Sales and Warehouse sales by region.
Vertical & Product Line stats Annual survey of distributors by vertical market and high level product line
High Level Manufacturer Stats High level, total dollar shipments, by region, sold through the Electrical Distribution Channel.

EFC members must participate in the Statistical Program, within a particular business segment, to receive statistical data.

Security & Confidentiality Measures

As an irrevocable policy, EFC’s statistical program maintains strict confidentiality and security measures to ensure statistical staff and participating program members do not disclose, discuss or refer to any data or market share information.

Non-disclosure agreements are signed by all statistical department staff and may also be signed as a directive from participating member companies. Additional confidentiality rules and restraints may be defined further within a specific statistical program.

As well, appropriate measures are in place for the safeguarding of all computing resources, ensuring data safety, limiting access to authorized users and maintaining data confidentiality. A confidential statistical Website is in place to handle the transfer and traffic of all confidential data between statistical staff and member participants.