New Research Study Highlights Progress of Digitalization in the Electrical Industry




July 12, 2018, Toronto, ON – Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) announces the release of a new research study that examines the impacts and opportunities of Digitalization on the electrical industry. Produced in partnership with the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), this study assesses how far along the electrical channel is with digitalization today and explores the stages involved in building a digital supply chain network.

EFC surveyed 75 Canadian electrical manufacturers and distributors to understand their path to digital adoption. The study evaluated respondents’ digital capabilities across core areas, using their relative progress to provide an overall score. PwC provided digitalization scorecards to allow respondents to benchmark their progress in these core areas: “Digital Functions” (Planning, Procurement, Distribution, Manufacturing, Transportation and “Digital Enablers” (Technology, Process, Partnering, Organization & Skills and Performance Management).

Ramping Up for Digitalization

The report uncovered several key findings that indicate a steady growth of digitalization in the channel:

  • Moderate Progress: the industry leads and lags in core supply chain areas: ‘Planning’ is the most developed digital area; ‘Transportation’ is the least developed;
  • Strong Importance: Nearly 70 percent of respondents consider digital transformation of their supply chain to be ‘important to very important’ for their business; three-quarters of respondents have already formalized a digital strategy or in the process of formalizing one within a year;
  • Areas of Focus: The digitalization of Distribution and Procurement processes are the two key areas that manufacturers and distributors are focusing their strategy on;
  • Key Barriers: ‘Slow progress from supply chain partners’ and ‘lack of skilled talent within their organization’ were named the top two barriers preventing respondents from achieving digital transformation success. Industry collaboration and acquiring digital talent will need to be addressed by the industry if digitalization is to remain effective in the channel.

To download the report or to benchmark your company’s progress using the digitalization scorecards, click here.

Next Steps
In an effort to mobilize digitalization in the industry, EFC is establishing a Supply Chain Steering Committee,
which will help advance collaboration and overall supply chain practices. Working together, committee members
will have an opportunity to strengthen their professional development and support the industry’s transformation towards a more productive channel. If you’re interested in participating on this committee, please contact Rita Davis at


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