Q2 2019 Business Confidence Survey & Opinion Poll – Results are in

EFC conducts a quarterly Business Confidence Survey & Opinion Poll, inviting key association contacts to participate. Respondents are asked to compare their current quarter and next quarter sales, against the same periods last year.  A record 105 key member contacts provided their feedback for this quarter.

Business Confidence Results:

  • 47% of respondents felt their Q2 2019 business was better/much better compared to Q2 2018, with 16% reporting worse sales, and 37% reporting no change
  • Looking ahead, 56% of respondents expect Q3 2019 sales to be better/much better compared to Q2 2019
  • Expectations out one year remain positive, with 63% expecting sales to be better/much better.  When asked the same question in Q1 – this percentage was significantly higher – at 72%

Opinion Poll Results:

For this quarter, members were asked  how the trade issues between Canada and the US over the last two years have impacted their business.   59% felt a negative impact to some degree.

For a detailed report of both the Business Confidence Survey and the opinion pollclick here.

Thank you to everyone who responded and we look forward to your continued support and participation.

If you have further questions or comments on the Business Confidence Survey, or have any suggestions for future opinion polls, please contact Anne Harrigan, Vice President, Marketing Resource at 416-716-1897.