Quebec Region “National YPN Day” Fundraiser

On June 17th, the Quebec Region YPN committee hosted a virtual “Blind Beer Tasting” activity to celebrate the National YPN Day and to raise funds for this year’s charity of choice.

The Quebec Region YPN is proud to announce that a total of $3358.06 was raised and went towards the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre (WICWC), a registered charity dedicated to offering compassionate care and support to anyone experiencing cancer; either having it themselves or supporting someone with cancer. Through their wellness programs, which are free of charge, participants receive personal support, gain coping mechanisms, discover additional alternatives, and become better educated about their specific illness. The center helps them gain more control of their lives, find strength, reduce feelings of isolation, and continue to foster hope, regardless of the stage of their disease.

The members of the YPN network strongly believe in the importance of giving back to the community in which we live and work. Over the past few years, the YPNs worked hard in raising funds for charities such as Habitat for Humanity, Dans la rue, as well as for a university scholarship fund for the young children of a YPN member who lost her battle to cancer.

The charity selected this year, the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre, is one that personally touches the founder of the Young Professionals Network, Jason Prevost of Leviton Canada. He believes so strongly in this non-profit organization that he challenged Quebec Region YPNs to register for the “Blind Beer Tasting” activity, and he would match the funds raised from the registrations.

Fifteen dollars per registration went towards this charity, for a total of $615, and Jason Prevost surpassed his match with a personal donation of $1066.06. In addition, EGLO and Leviton Canada generously donated an additional $750 and $772.50 respectively. Finally, Jean-Claude Lespérance of Leviton Canada, rounded off the total donations to $3358.06 with his personal contribution of $154.50.

Thank you to all the YPNs who participated at the National YPN Day Quebec Region virtual event, for helping with this fundraising campaign. We would also like to thank Jason for sharing his personal story with the WICWC and for his personal donation matching and surpassing the amount raised through registrations. And finally, a huge thanks to EGLO and Leviton Canada for your donation and for challenging other members to donate, and to Jean-Claude Lespérance for accepting their challenge.

Thank you all for your generosity and for making this National YPN fundraising initiative a huge success!! We are so grateful to be able to make a difference in the lives of  people with and affected by cancer.