Rep of the Future Webinar: A Resounding Success – Here’s the Recap

EFC’s CMG/CEMRA committee hosted the “Rep of the Future” webinar with Jim Johnson, CEO, NEMRA, and David Gordon, researcher, Channel Marketing Group.

Over 130 manufacturers, distributors and reps participated in the webinar.

The research report was compiled from results of a 2019 research study conducted by NEMRA. It provided some insights into what the future rep might look like in 2025, along with its partnerships with manufacturers.

The research results proved to be very informative, revealing some important issues such as:

  • Alignment of priorities with a specific look at time allocation and activities
  • Data/information gathering and sharing
  • Effect of industry consolidation (manufacturers/distributors/reps)

Survey respondents rated the event 4.3 out of 5 or “Very Good to Excellent.”

Tony DeCicco, CMG chair, was very pleased with the turnout and interest from our Canadian members.

The Rep of the Future report highlighted some key areas that manufacturers and manufacturer reps can focus on to ensure that we are prepared for the changes anticipated in the evolving electrical industry. The partnership between CEMRA and NEMRA, as well as the NMG and CMG, provides the opportunity for this type of research to be shared. We appreciate Jim Johnson and David Gordon taking the time to present this report to EFC members.”

For more information on NEMRA’s “Rep of the Future” report and other related programs, please visit their website at