Take your business to the next level: EFC Corporate-Sponsored Message from FOCUS Management

The ability to execute your strategic plan is the key to your business’ growth and to develop a hard-to-copy competitive advantage. Now who doesn’t want that?

To find out more, join FOCUS Management on June 18th at the EFC office, where you can participate in a Strategy Execution Roundtable. The event is designed for C-Level executives and is the first step to developing a hard-to-copy competitive advantage for EFC members. Participants will assess and prioritize their organization’s strategy execution practices, identify their gaps and develop practical solutions with their peers who face similar challenges.

And the best part….

A government grant is available that can cover up to 83% of the cost of FOCUS Management’s professional services. FOCUS will facilitate the tune up of your strategic plan, the development of an execution plan and provide 6 months of support to ensure that your strategy gets executed successfully.

The event runs from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM and is no charge for EFC members.

Follow this link to register.

For more information call Fred Pidsadny at 905- 520-9953 for service and grant details.