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Supply Chain Summit

Technology Showcase

Discover the digital technologies that are amplifying how we service our customers and partners. 

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TrueCommerce is the most complete way to connect your business across the supply chain – integrating everything from EDI, to digital storefronts and marketplaces, to vendor managed inventory and more – so you can do business in every direction.

TrueCommerce. Do business in every direction.

Breakout room session speakers: Scott Kleinert, Director of Sales & Amanda Baldwin, Manager of Wholesale Industrial Support

EFC has recognized Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) as a key process to the industry because it is a technology that allows companies to work collaboratively to optimize replenishment. By starting a VMI program, you not only create stronger business relationships, you see mutual benefits to the top and bottom line. In this session we will introduce you to the basics of VMI and how you can increase sales, reduce out-of-stocks, and increase inventory turns. Learn how continuous innovation is allowing more flexibility to deal with all your unique replenishment needs.

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The Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA) is the technology service provider and eBusiness standards body of the electrical industry. Owned by the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) & National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), IDEA helps manufacturers and distributors find the most cost-effective digital integration methods. Our applications include IDEA Connector (single source for manufacturer product information) and IDEA Exchange (low-cost electronic data interchange – EDI), helping to connect the supply chain and make business processes more efficient.

Breakout room session speaker: Mike Wentz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of IDEA

Today, robust Product Content is the fuel that drives your Commerce Engine. This lively break-out discussion will cover:
• How improving content can increase sales
• Why manufacturers need to provide all content to their trading partners
• How new IDEA Connector capabilities will drive more content quantity and quality
• How the global pandemic has increased digital transformation for the supply chain
• How best to leverage industry resources to accelerate your eCommerce engine
• Best practices for the electrical supply chain to meet trading partner needs
• Action items for gaining more power from your content connections

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Canadian Specific Data

• Metric Unit of Measure
• French marketing content
• French descriptions
• Canadian pricing
• Canadian specific SKUs
• ETIM codes and features

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DLT Labs

DLT Labs is a global leader in the development and delivery of award-winning enterprise blockchain technology solutions that are transforming businesses with unparalleled accuracy, transparency and results. Our technology platform uses the highest standards in business and government both in terms of security and functionality.

Breakout room session speakers: Sergei Beliaev, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer & Shannon Hamilton, VP Growth & Adoption

Are you managing enormous volumes of business-critical data with antiquated or inefficient systems? Join us to chat about our platform that delivers turnkey management of complex workflows, large volumes of agreements, highly sensitive and confidential data, and integrated financial calculations and payments, all fully auditable, immutable, and reflected in comprehensive reporting. We will present an example of our award-winning platform that was configured for freight invoicing and payment for Walmart Canada and its national network of carriers. Learn how blockchain removed 97% of extra cost and waste, and how easy it is to configure and deploy our platform within your organization in 60 days.

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Contact: Shannon Hamilton



Tecsys is a global provider of supply chain solutions equipping companies for agile growth. Spanning general wholesale high-volume distribution, industrial supply, third-party logistics and specialty industries, Tecsys delivers dynamic and powerful solutions for warehouse management, distribution and transportation management, point-of-use supply management, distributed order management, financial management and analytics.

Breakout room session speakers: Norm General, Senior Account Executive & Keith Brereton, Director of Client Solutions

The fundamentals of warehouse management never change; demand planning, purchasing, receiving, picking, packing, shipping — but the efficiency and scalability of those processes depend on the technologies that enable them. The future is full of technological fancy, but smart warehouses begin with smarter warehouse management. Smarter warehouses are designed as networks of intersecting processes and workflows that leverage appropriate technologies and resources where they add the most value. With the ultimate goal of achieving the perfect order at the lowest possible cost, warehousing demands connectivity and cohesion. This session explores the evolving role of technology as it applies to fundamental warehouse operations.

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Contact: Norm General at

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CBSCA – Canadian Blockchain Supply Chain Association 

The CBSCA brings together Industry Leaders to educate and promote the digitization and development of data standards between members in the global supply chain community through blockchain and other technologies.  We believe in providing the Supply Chain community with:
  • The resources and global platform to develop the Canadian Data Standards.

  • The promotion of industry acceptance and to drive the adoption of emerging technology forward.

  • Help for companies to achieve Supply Chain Optimization through blockchain.

With the support of the industry, we provide the forum for individuals to collaborate and network with industry professionals during our Virtual Meetings, Webinars, Conferences, and Workshops as we educate members on blockchain applications, solutions and distributed ledger technology. We connect, collaborate and represent the Canadian Supply Chain industry in blockchain and other technologies in its efforts to digitize.

Raedan_logo_tech page

Raedan Freight Services 

Our management professionals at Raedan Freight Services, have deep experience with both providers of transportation and logistics services and purchasers of them—across all modes and in all industry subsectors. Raedan has been successful in saving EFC members substantial freight & distribution costs, saving both time, and money.

The Electro-Federation freight & logistics program provides the members, a no-charge bench mark, to determine just how competitive their freight costs are in the industry.

The ability to call on experience with both the carrier and the shipper gives companies a unique advantage in the shaping and propelling of their performance by:

  • Reducing freight cost
  • Footprint optimization
  • Determining opportunities
  • Maximizing revenue potential
  • Applying advanced analytics

EFC Members can save with the Raedan Freight and Logistics Program

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