Successful EFC Federation Cup Golf Event


The 15th Annual EFC Federation Cup Golf event was held on August 19th at Rattlesnake Golf Club in Milton, Ontario. Click here for event photos.  225 participants enjoyed a day of golfing & networking. This was followed by a cocktail reception, silent auction and concluded with a dinner. The dinner MCs for the dinner were Danny […]

Global Free Trade/Tariff Reductions

Global Free Trade / Tariff ReductionsEFC Member Feedback  September 4th DeadlineEFC has been in contact with Trade & Development Canada in Ottawa and they are very interested in receiving EFC member feedback. Accordingly, the deadline has been extended to September 4th.Any member is encouraged to provide individual company comments. The negotiation of an Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA) is […]

Opportunity to Engage Young Talent at EFC Federation Golf

Building ConnectionsOpportunity to Engage Your Young TalentThe “Talent: A Playbook for Adapting to the 21st Century” research report presented at the May Banff Conference provided recommendations for EFC member businesses. One strategy is to encourage young talent within your organization to participate in industry groups and at events and ability to network with peers and leaders.  The […]

Canadian Electrical Industry vs. Global Warming*

It’s time to stop debating climate change and start doing something about it.  Whether man-made or a natural process – global warming is a reality.  Even if you remain one of the “die-heart” sceptics’ that refuse to believe that the global warming will harm the ecosystem – you cannot deny the fact that we are […]

Lighting Sector Update- Industry Canada Regulation

Lighting Sector ‘Positive’ Update on Changing Industry Canada (IC) Regulation for EMC: ICES-005, Issue 4Electro-Federation Canada (EFC) members will recall EFC and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) were approached last Fall indicating they had confirmed four field incidences in Quebec where LED lighting equipment had caused interference with First Responder’s radio equipment. Unfortunately the […]

Chemical Management Plan Bulletin

As part of the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP), the  Government of Canada wishes to inform you of four State of the Science (SOS) Reports and a proposed cumulative risk assessment (CRA) approach that have been developed by Environment Canada and Health Canada for substances in the Phthalate Substance Grouping. The Government of Canada’s proposed approaches […]