Big Changes on EFC’s Quebec Region Women’s Committee

The committee had its first meeting of 2024 on January 10. It was a fruitful and very optimistic meeting on the future of the EFC Quebec Women’s Committee.

To begin, please join us in welcoming Cara Backman, Franklin Empire, to her new position as Chair of the Quebec Women’s Network Committee. Let us wish her every success in her role as president from 2024 to 2026.

”I am delighted to embark on this new role as president of the EFC Quebec Women’s Network.”

Cara has been a dedicated member of this committee since its creation in 2019. Throughout her 18 years in the industry at Franklin Empire, she has actively participated in various EFC committees such as the golf committee as well as the Marketing committee. Cara has also served on the Quebec board and currently holds a position on the national board.

”Engaging with industry peers has been a rewarding experience of networking, learning, and growth. We have exciting plans to further develop the Women’s network, and I look forward to welcoming new faces at our upcoming events.”

Cara is also engage with AD and is on their Marketing Council, AD rewards committee and have been involved in many different ways throughout her career.

From the first meeting as president, Cara welcomed the committee members to the Franklin Empire branch in Montreal and showed them the incredible Leader they will have for the next two years.

EFC is also pleased to welcome Maya Moufawad, Leviton, as Vice-Chair of the Women’s Network from 2024 to 2026!

”I’m excited and grateful to be a part of the new presidency of the Quebec women’s network. I have been in the industry for just over 10 years and I can easily say that the electrical industry has given me so many opportunities to grow personally and professionally, I’m looking forward to this next challenge. I’m hoping to be able to give it back forward by encouraging and helping the next generation of women to join and grow in an exciting industry that has so much to offer. ”

Over the last ten years, Maya has participated in numerous EFC committees such as the young professional network, the Marketing committee as well as the Women’s Network. Its vision is to break the generalization that the world of electricity is a man’s world. ”I want to shake things up and show that this sector is made for everyone.”

Maya finds it important to empower women who are currently in the industry but also to attract and lend a hand to all the women in the workforce.

The women’s committee was put on standby during the last year due to lack of staff in the Quebec division of EFC. For the next few years, the women’s committee has already started steps to grow the women’s network in Quebec. the committee is back in session and there is no doubt that Cara and Maya will be up to the task!

The plan for the coming years is to increase the visibility of the women’s network in the industry and access to our events on training and support for women in the job market. Give women the confidence and resources to enable them to thrive in their desired careers.

2024 will be focused on “GIVING”. Give to the women’s community, donate our time and collect donations for charities.


Sylvie Comeau, Franklin Empire, et Anne Kudirka, Leviton

Co-Présidente du Comité des Femmes de 2020 à 2023


Also, a big thank you to Sylvie Comeau, Franklin Empire, and Anne Kudirka, Leviton, for all the commitment and dedication you have brought to the committee as co-chair over the past two years. The women’s committee has been create at the same time that the pandemic was announced. They were not easy years and yet Sylvie and Anne managed to grow the network of women in the Quebec region despite everything. You played a key role in the advancement of this committee and the EFC Quebec region as well as all the women of the Quebec industry are grateful to you.

The Women’s Network provides a supportive and enjoyable environment for women in the electrical industry workforce to create relationships between men and women of all ages and backgrounds, promote their personal brand and advance in their careers through personal development, learning and well-being

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