CEMRA Introduces New Network Groups

EFC is pleased to launch three CEMRA Network Groups this week. These groups provide an opportunity for CEMRA reps to learn new best practices and exchange valuable industry related ideas within the CEMRA community.

CEMRA Network Group meetings are held quarterly and adopt a virtual roundtable format which encourage safe, open and interactive dialogue among participants. (Please note that confidential or proprietary information is not shared during these network meetings.)

These networking groups have proved to be a worthwhile venture for industry reps across the country. “The CEMRA network provides our manufacturers representatives with the opportunity to form important network communities to share concerns of mutual interests and best practices,” says Carol McGlogan, EFC President and CEO. “I was impressed with the first network meeting where members exchanged valuable marketing programs, market insights and workforce concerns and programs.”

We are excited to launch these CEMRA Network Groups and look forward to offering these roundtable network discussions in 2021 and beyond.

If you are a CEMRA member and are interested in participating, please contact Nathalie Lajoie at nlajoie@electrofed.com.