EFC Launches electro|POD – EFC’s Electrical Community Podcast

November, 30th 2020-  Toronto, ON –  EFC officially joins the podcast arena with the launch of electro|POD – EFC’s Electrical Community Podcast. The purpose of this podcast series is to keep the members of EFC, its stakeholders, partners and as well as those broadly interested in electrical products, informed and connected. EFC’s Marketing Specialist, Daniela De Marco has teamed up with Gurvinder Chopra, EFC’s VP, Standards and Regulations, to chat with member experts and unpack insights and perspectives on pressing topics and the latest happenings in the electrical industry.

“The main goal of this podcast series is to dive deeper into matters surrounding codes and standards, changes in regulations, technological developments, market trends, end user concerns and sub-standard products entering the country,” says Chopra. “With an immense depth of experience and wealth of knowledge existing within our electrical fraternity, who are willing to share it with the wider audiences, it’s an opportunity to widen the conversation on issues paramount to the Canadian electrical industry and various stakeholders. I eagerly look forward to the community listening in on it.”

The first episode aired today and features Vladimir Gagachev, Manager Codes & Standards, Eaton Industries (Canada), who discusses Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI), an important technology that prevents potential fires in the home. While the new devices we install offer plenty of benefits, it also puts increased demand on the electrical systems, potentially causing serious safety risks such as arc-faults. The Canadian Electrical Code requires AFCI safety technology to be installed in homes and it is supported by EFC’s Distribution Equipment and Wiring Business Sections. Click here to listen to this timely episode now.

Topics to be discussed include surge protection technology, electromagnetic compatibility, lighting controls and electrical vehicle systems. Click here to learn more about the upcoming electrical topics that will be explored on the podcast, episode release dates and the exciting guest lineup, including trailblazers from Mersen Canada, ABB and Leviton.

Stay tuned for future episodes from electro|POD, EFC’s podcast series that explores the electrical industry with expert members on areas covering the technical and cultural topics powering our changing world. Episodes will be available in the iTunes Store & Google Play podcast libraries.

Call for Participation:

If you’re interested in participating in the podcast series, email Gurvinder Chopra at gchopra@electrofed.com or Daniela DeMarco at ddemarco@electrofed.com. Proposals should include a brief abstract of the topic to be discussed, including an explanation of why the topic is relevant to EFC members, stakeholders and/or the electrical community at large. Proposals should also include the names of interviewees who will be part of the podcast and their related expertise to the topic.