EFC Federation Cup Golf Chair Exchanges Gavel for 2023 and Announces New Vice Chair

EFC would like to thank Lori Bagazzoli, LEDVANCE, for her chairmanship of the EFC Golf Committee for 2021-2022. Lori, along with the entire EFC Golf Committee, were was instrumental in executing EFC’s 20th Anniversary Federation Cup Tournament, a record-breaking year for EFC. Lori is now taking on her new role as Past Chair for the next year and is also the Ontario Women’s Network Chair.

EFC is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Federation Cup Golf Chair, Andrew Fitzpatrick, Graybar Canada. Congratulations, Andrew, who assumes the role until August 2023, as we plan to host our annual EFC Federation Cup Golf Tournament. We look forward to Andrew’s leadership and sponsorship strategies on the golf committee.

Following the succession plan, we proudly announce Paul Morrow, Southwire, as Vice Chair for EFC’s Golf Committee. Paul has been an integral part of the golf committee for several years and has been a positive asset to this dynamic group. Together with Andrew and the committee, they will work in partnership with Nathalie Lajoie, EFC Team Lead.

The golf committee has already begun planning for next year’s Federation Cup Tournament.

 Save the Date! EFC’s Annual Federation Cup Golf Tournament will be on August 23rd, 2023, at Deer Creek Golf Club, Ajax.