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Electrical Industry Playbook: An Introduction to the Market, its Players and the Business

‘Talent Availability’ has been identified by our membership as the top game changer affecting our industry. EFC continues to develop programs to assist members with talent attraction, engagement and development. Our industry is gearing up for significant changes in the coming years. Of the 42,000 people that EFC member companies currently employ, over 10,000 of these employees are over the age of 55, which means there will be an influx of retirements within the next decade!

It’s important that we continue to train new staff so we can help develop the next generation of employees. It’s also imperative that we provide existing, tenured employees with professional development opportunities to help sharpen their skillsets and industry knowledge.

Developed by EFC for the North American electrical industry, our brand-new series of training modules supports your employees’ professional development and industry knowledge.

Here’s What Participants Are Saying About the Module

  • “Rexel Canada finds the Electrical Industry Playbook, developed by the EFC and its members, a very valuable training and development tool for our staff. To-date, over 150 personnel have started the course material and over half have already completed it. Rexel staff that have completed the material rate the Playbook very high overall with the highest ratings given to the Glossary of Terms and the Interactive Videos. With the struggle to train and develop new hires to our organization, tools like the Electrical Industry Playbook are invaluable. I would strongly recommend this training course to any organization on-boarding new employees or further developing existing talent.”

    Roger Little
  • “I completed my training as a newcomer to the Canadian Electrical industry and found it to be a great resource in understanding the Canadian electrical ecosystem. I was able to grasp the interrelationships amongst various channel partners as well as gain knowledge of the various types of projects and the bidding processes of products. The course definitely gave me a better understanding of the market.”

    Saud Ayub
    Prysmian Group
  • “This resource is not only a great refresher for anyone working in the Electrical industry, but it provides an amazing jump-start for new talent joining the industry. Thinking what new employees had to learn in the past through endless questions and listening to story-telling over years – it’s now all mapped out and well presented in this one-hour training module.”

    Uri Levy
    Legrand Canada

EFC Training Modules