EFC Welcomes New Manufacturer Member Axis Lighting

Axis Lighting | LinkedInAxis Lighting is an LED lighting manufacturer on the cutting edge of technology and design. Family-owned and operated since 1991, we have become an important source for architectural lighting across North America. The company, located in Montreal, Canada, operates a full-scale manufacturing facility with on-site design, engineering and marketing staff.

Axis deliver high-performance LED luminaires for general, ambient and task lighting in offices, as well as in commercial and institutional spaces.

Axis brings together everything you need to successfully incorporate architectural lighting into your design. Axis is geared to delivering Design Flexibility, Optimal Energy Efficiency and Responsive Customer Care. Axis is the preferred choice in North America’s architectural lighting community.

The EFC-Official Representative from Axis Lighting is Michele Bartolini.

Visit: https://www.axislighting.com/