EFC’s Distribution Equipment Business Section Appoints New Chair

Eric Demers, Partner support / Eng., Schneider Electric has been named the new chair of EFC’s Distribution Equipment Business Section. This Section is led by EFC’s Gurvinder Chopra, VP Standards and Regulations, and Cherith Sinasac, Business Section manager, and represents manufacturers of electrical equipment that distributes electricity to Industrial, Commercial, and Residential consumers.

Eric’s 30+ years career has exposed him to various technical and management roles.  He started his career working on HV breakers for Alstom and then moved to Schneider.  Fast-forward to today he supports Schneider partners and the Power System marketing team to find technico-commercial solutions for our customers.  He’s also participating in various standards committees and has taken on a mentorship role for new hires at Schneider.

The Chair position had previously been held for two years by Komal Kingrani of Eaton. We thank Komal for his enthusiasm while in the chair position and his dedication to the section.

Join us in welcoming Eric as the new chair of EFC’s DE Business Section!