Important Notice Concerning Bill S-211: New Federal Regulation Regarding Child or Forced Labour for Manufacturers and Distributors in Canada

On May 11, 2023, the Canadian Parliament passed Bill S-211, aimed at mitigating the risk of child or forced labor within the supply chains utilized by Canadian businesses.

The effective date for the implementation of this legislation is January 1, 2024.

Bill S-211 comprises two integral components:

  1. An annual Reporting Obligation, due by May 31 of each year.   The Act mandates certain entities and government institutions to furnish an annual report to the Minister of Public Safety. This report is expected to outline the measures undertaken during the preceding financial year to prevent and diminish the risk of forced labor or child labor within their operations or supply chains.
  2. Amendments to Customs Tariff: The second part of the Act introduces amendments to the Customs Tariff, extending the prohibition on the importation of goods produced, in whole or in part, by forced labor to also encompass child labor.

EFC recommends reviewing these requirements thoroughly to determine the impact, if any, it may have on your business.

The complete details can be found on the official Public Safety Canada website: