Mohawk College Joins EFC as an Affiliated Member

Since 2014, Mohawk College’s Energy and Power Innovation Centre (EPIC) has been helping organizations solve their biggest challenges facing power distribution and energy efficiency. The applied research centre, based in Hamilton, Ontario, provides industry and partners with access to faculty and staff expertise, an inspired student workforce, exceptional facilities and top technology. The centre supports projects in electrical systems modernization, smart home automation, power protection and control (Smart Grid), and sustainable energy and storage. Applied research projects typically test or de-risk new technologies, prototype new innovations, or provide training opportunities.

The centre operates four labs in three buildings, including the Energy & Power Applications Lab with a 12kW microgrid system that includes solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, a lead-acid battery bank, and solar PV/battery emulators and programmable loads. Additionally, industry partners have access to the Energy & Power Utilities Lab, located in a former Horizon Utilities’ Transformer Station. This lab is capable of supporting large electrical companies, utilities, and large industrial clients with a wide range of protection and control equipment. For energy efficiency projects, the Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation, an award-winning Net-Zero Building operates as a living lab for applied research projects. The building is equipped with 48 electric submeters, thermal metering, and occupancy sensing to gather data related to its performance.

The EFC-Official Representative from Mohawk College is Mariano Arriaga, GM, Energy + Power Innovation Centre.


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