Human Resources Network

HR Network Members & Guest Speakers from left to right: Colomba McAlary, S&C Electric; Darryl Castellano, WESCO; Jean Greaves, Gerrie Electric; Marie-Eve Blais, Signify; Janae Bloom & Emily Bowman, Festo; Hadia Kasim, WESCO; Carol McGlogan & John Jefkins, EFC; Stevan Melmed, O’Neil Electric; John Iannuzzi, Eaton; David Liu & Abella Kins, Riipen

With our rapidly changing economic environment, the role of Human Resources management has become increasingly important.  To compete in our ever-changing world, we must continually seek to improve performance in everything we do. Understanding the role of human resource decisions in creating and sustaining organizational performance and a competitive advantage will be essential in adapting to change.

EFC’s Human Resources Network members gathered on November 12th for a day of insight- covering topics around attracting and retaining talent, diversity and inclusion, and professional development. With over 30 members in attendance, guest speakers from Lawrie Insurance, e2r® , Riipen and Self Management Group shared their knowledge with our industry’s HR professionals to help equip them with strategies and tools that can lead to increased performance.

Our EFC team members, Carol McGlogan, John Jefkins, Swati Patel and Vivian Sadeh informed the network on recent EFC achievements and programs such as:

EFC’s Human Resources Network provides a forum at which participants can learn about new HR best practices and share recruitment and retention experiences and challenges. Want to join this network? Contact team lead, John Jefkins at