Quebec Region YPN Welcomes Industry Leaders for a Thought-Provoking Panel Discussion

On November 13, the YPN Quebec Region hosted its last 2019 event, the YPN Panel discussion, where close to 40 members attended. The panel discussion was moderated by Jacques Fiset of Westburne, also the EFC Quebec Region Chair. Three leaders from the electrical industry, Maxime Collin of Lumen, Daniel Cotton of ABB and Benoît Meunier of Contact Delage generously shared their knowledge and experience in the industry. They talked about their journey in the industry, and the challenges they faced. They also talked about what the young professionals who are starting their career should consider and what challenges they may have to face along their journey.

In addition, we took this opportunity to support Dans la rue, a not-for-profit organization which responds to the needs of homeless youths in the Montreal area. For 30 years now, Dans la rue is committed to ensuring the immediate needs of homeless and at-risk youths between the ages of 12 and 25. This organization works with these youths to help them acquire the necessary skills and resources to build a brighter and more independent future. Thank you all for your generosity and your support for this cause. You gave back to your community and know that you have made a difference for the less fortunate youth in the Montreal region.


Thanks to everyone who attended today’s panel discussion event. Thanks to our panelists and to our moderator for your implication and your time. And finally, a big thanks to the Quebec Region YPN sponsors, Standard, Stelpro and Franklin Empire.


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