Update: EFC’s Canadian Electrical Manufacturers’ Committee

This past Tuesday, EFC manufacturer members gathered in Toronto for a roundtable discussion to address Canadian manufacturing opportunities and concerns. This committee first met in May during EFC’s Annual Conference in Quebec City to identify common issues, including talent attraction and retention in the Canadian manufacturing sector, federal and provincial policies, national and global standards requirements, and other key areas. At this week’s meeting, committee members reviewed the issues and developed a scope concluded by defining the Mission of this Committee to ‘promote interest of Canadian Electrical Manufacturers to improve competitiveness’ and setting the course for the path ahead.’

For more information, please contact Gurvinder Chopra, EFC’s VP, Standards and Regulation at gchopra@electrofed.com.

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Photo:  Gurvinder Chopra, EFC; Marjorie Dionne-Sammut, STANDARD Products Inc.; Bill Hammond, Hammond Power Solutions; Jonas Zelisko,Rittal; Jag Singh, Domtech Inc.; John-Daniel Chabot, STELPRO; Vipul Shah, Rob Kamphuis, & Mark Lowrie, Rockwell Automation; Frank Magisano, Hubbell Incorporated; Carol McGlogan & Robert (Rob) McIntyre, EFC; Shitiz Agarwal, Schneider Electric; Todd Stafford & Shelley Bacon, Northern Cables Inc.