Human Resources Services Available to Members

EFC provides members with numerous resources and services for those responsible for HR functions within your organization. Take advantage of these services and help advance your HR needs.

Recruitment & Onboarding

  1. Career Portal: Post your open positions on the EFC TalentNest Portal:
  2. Industry Video: EFC’s “Powering a Changing World” is available in both English and French and provides a great recruitment and onboarding tool to showcase how our industry is current, imaginative and set to change the evolution of electrical products. Visit EFC’s YouTube channel to access the videos:
  3. Young Professionals Network: Do you have employees at your organization who are 40 years of age and under who you’d like to support with professional development opportunities? Get them involved in the industry by encouraging them to sign up to join EFC’s Young Professionals Network (YPN). Employees can be from any department: sales, marketing, finance, HR and administration, customer support…just to name a few. YPN programs are held in most regions across the country. Learn more and sign your employees up today.
  4. Personality Assessment Tool – complimentary 30-day trial: Self-Management Group (SMG) is an EFC corporate sponsor and offers a suite of personality assessments to over 3,500 clients globally, for the screening and selection of talent. SMG is offering EFC members a complimentary 30-day trial to use the assessment tool. For more information, contact Warren Collier at
  5. Positive Work Inventory: Self-Management Group also offers a tool for employers to determine how engaged and motivated their employees are. Contact Warren Collier for more information or click here.

Student Engagement

  1. Scholarship Program: Help build our industry’s profile among Canadian post-secondary students by sharing details about EFC’s Scholarship program, which will award over $150k to students across Canada this year! The deadline for scholarship applications is May 31st. Visit the scholarship site for full details.
  2. Target High School & Post-Secondary Students: As a follow-up to a webinar that EFC hosted in April, School Finder Group can connect members with targeted student audiences for recruitment or other opportunities. Learn more. Contact Chris Wilkins at for full details.
  3. Collaborate with Students on Projects: connect with emerging talent at post-secondary schools and collaborate on short-term projects, challenges and competitions. This is a program offered by EFC partner, Riipen. Contact