School is Back in Session: It’s Time to Upskill Your Workforce with the Industry Training They Need to Grow!

With school in full swing, give your employees a head-start this fall by enrolling them in training courses to help sharpen their growth mindset. EFC provides a multitude of upskilling and professional development programs to advance your workforce’s industry knowledge and technical expertise.

According to EFC’s latest research study, Talent for an Emerging Workforce, industry leaders have a strong willingness to support their employees by investing in training and development programs. Download the 2020 Talent for an Emerging Research report here.

The following are programs that have been carefully curated for your workforce:



Electrical Industry Playbook

Developed by EFC
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What it is: 60-minute interactive online module, available in English and French, that profiles the full electrical industry ecosystem:
+ key market segments: residential, commercial, industrial, retail, utility and institutional
+ market players: end users, specifiers, contractors, integrators, agents, manufacturers and distributors
+ the project business: Traditional, Design Build, P3, In-plant Automation, Renovation Market
+ the distribution channel: role of a distributor, partnership between manufacturers and distributors

Why it’s important: As new employees join your company, this module provides an excellent add-on to your onboarding and professional development initiatives. Accelerate your employees’ knowledge of our industry so they can ‘hit the ground running’ and understand your business’ impact on the value chain.

Who it’s for: New employees in any department (inside/outside sales, counter sales, marketing, quotations, purchasing, project management, customer service). Also ideal for tenured employees who want to broaden their industry knowledge.

Cost: Single and bulk purchasing available, starting at $129. Includes supplementary resources including discussion guides, glossary of terms and a market overview framework.
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Electrical Products Education Course (EPEC)

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Offered in partnership with the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED). EFC members receive special member pricing. All three levels are currently available in English. Coming soon: EFC to offer the EPEC Bronze module in French.

What it is: An online training module that focuses on electrical products, applications and how various products interrelate with other electrical systems. EPEC is offered in three tiers (bronze, silver, gold) and each level has been recently updated to coincide with updates to the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code (and 2020 NEC Code) and includes drawings, activities and online exams.

Why it’s important: Increases your employees’ electrical product knowledge by allowing them to grasp an understanding of different types of electrical products, installation methods and project planning. Helps employees understand your customers’ needs so they can market and sell solutions more effectively and with more confidence.

Who it’s for: new employees within sales and marketing functions and from across any industry channels (manufacturing, distribution, sales agencies).

Cost: EFC members receive the same pricing as NAED members. Pricing starts at $940 USD. Reserve now



Introduction to Canadian Standards Development

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Provided by the Standards Council of Canada. All modules are complimentary and are available in English and French.

What it is: A series of introductory modules to cast light on what standards are, how they are developed in Canada and harmonized with other international standards, and why standards are important for business development and continuity.

Why it’s important: Standards open up a world of possibilities for Canadian businesses. This collection of modules offers a behind-the-scenes look at how standards are developed and why they are so integral to protecting the safety of Canadians.

Who it’s for: All employees across the electrical channel who want to deepen their understanding and knowledge of standards development and the networks that shape this important framework.


2018 Canadian Electrical Code Essentials – Construction Market

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Provided by the CSA Group. All modules are complimentary and are available in English and French.

What it is: Designed to offer a solid foundation to understand and apply the latest requirements of the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, as it relates to commercial, industrial and institutional construction projects. Focuses on new installation and renovation projects.

Why it’s important: Through interactive activities and real-world examples for various construction sectors, employees learn how to interpret Code requirements so they can help provide solutions that create and maintain a safe working environment for end users at home, at the office or on the factory floor.

Who it’s for: All employees across the electrical channel who want to deepen their understanding and knowledge of Canadian code requirements to meet market needs.

Cost: Contact CSA for pricing details
CSA Group’s Course Guide click here to download.



Offered in partnership with the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED).

EFC members receive special member pricing.

VIP Sales, Warehouse & Management Courses
For Distributors: This series of online courses range from Insides Sales Pro and Outside Sales Pro, to Warehouse Pro and Management (management trainees, branch managers). Provide your employees with the skills training they need to accelerate performance, boost profits, improve communication with customers, suppliers and colleagues, and manage change during these evolving times.

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Certified Professional Sales Courses
For Manufacturers & Sales Agents: Offered in partnership with the National Electrical Manufacturers’ Representatives Association (NEMRA). EFC members receive special member pricing. See the vast range of sales-focused training available to EFC’s manufacturer and sales agent members.


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  • Le Centre patronal SST (workplace health and safety) offers 41 online trainings on workplace health and safety to EFC Quebec region members. Take advantage of the member rates today! Click here for the list of trainings (available in French only).


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