2020 EFC Financial Benchmarking Report – Call for Distributor Participation

EFC has partnered with Benchmarking Analytics to produce a 2020 Financial Benchmarking Report (formerly known as Profit Planning Report). This is a profitability study designed to obtain, understand and analyze best practices in the electrical distribution industry. This report is designed to help your company improve its financial performance.

All EFC distributor members are encouraged to participate in this benchmarking report – submissions are due by no later than March 15th. Please contact Anne Harrigan at aharrigan@electrofed.com if your company is interested in participating.

The cost for this report is $500 CDN. What you’ll receive:

  1. Industry Financial Benchmarking Report — An industry-wide report profiling the financial and operating performance of EFC distributors. Results are based on income statements, balance sheets and operating data provided by participating EFC distributor members. The final report will be delivered in both a PDF format and as an Excel dashboard. Management commentary is provided in the reports to explain various statistics and ratios and why they are important. EFC will distribute this report to all participants.
  2. Individual Company Financial Benchmarking Dashboard — Each participant that returns a completed questionnaire will receive an individual Benchmarking Dashboard delivered in an Excel dashboard, analyzing their company. This report offers an interactive and dynamic look at the columns of data the user wants to use for benchmarking. Benchmarking Analytics will send these reports directly to survey participants.

Confidentiality: All survey data is held in strict confidence by Benchmarking Analytics – all submissions are to be sent directly to Benchmarking Analytics only. EFC staff will not have access to any individual company’s operating information.  Benchmarking Analytics abides by a strict code of business ethics which respects the confidential nature of the data.

2020 Survey Schedule:

March 15   Cut-off date for survey submissions to Benchmarking Analytics

April 15      Industry Financial Benchmarking Report sent to EFC for distribution to participants

April 30      Individual Company Financial Benchmarking Dashboard sent to each participant by Benchmarking Analytics

Background: This report was formerly entitled the “Profit Planning Report (PPR)”. PPR was originally produced by Al Bates with the Profit Planning Group. Al has since retired, and John MacKay now heads up all profitability survey activities through his company, Benchmarking Analytics (formerly known as Mackay Research Group).

For all general inquiries or to participate, please contact Anne Harrigan.