Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters: EFC Launches New Online Portal

EFC has launched an online portal for consumers that features important resources about arc-faults and associated causes, risks and preventative measures, such as Arc-fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) technology.

EFC’s AFCI portal is available in both English and French:

Developed in partnership with EFC’s Distribution Equipment and Wiring Supplies Product Section members, the AFCI portal allows homeowners to take charge of their home’s safety by better understanding current Canadian code requirements, primary causes of arc-faults and tripping as well as the types of AFCI technologies available. A reporting tool is also available on the site to allow electrical contractors and/or homeowners to report any suspected nuisance tripping cases.

The Electrical industry has long understood the serious impact of arc-faults, often caused by damaged,overheated or stressed electrical wiring or devices. Arc-faults are the cause of a significant number of electrical fires in homes. In fact, an estimated 1,500 fires caused by electricity were reported in Ontario over the past five years, resulting in an average of six fatalities per year(1).

EFC will be launching a public awareness campaign to inform homeowners about this online resource. The Electrical community is also asked to share this online resource with their customers to help build awareness about the importance of AFCI technology.