CEMRA Reps Attend NEMRA20

Last week, close to 50 CEMRA reps attended NEMRA’s 50th Anniversary conference in Orlando, Florida.

NEMRA’s attendance was one of their best ever with over 2050 registrants.

EFC hosted a CANADA Night for all CEMRA reps and their manufacturers who were present. EFC’s President and CEO, Carol McGlogan attended along with NEMRA’s newly elected President and CEO, Jim Johnson too.

CEMRA members gathered for discussions centred on rep best practices and research studies, stats reporting, the re-introduction of the CEMRA Manufacturers Group (CMG) committee, and updates on upcoming CEMRA activities, sponsorship opportunities and valuable educational options available to reps from coast-to-coast. EFC’s corporate sponsor, Lawrie Insurance, also shared details about their insurance program for rep businesses.

Mike Hodges, CEMRA Chair, Principal at Adanac Sales, expressed gratitude with the meeting turnout and is pleased with the increased communications, additional meetings and strategic objectives being delivered by the EFC team, matched with value add membership benefits for CEMRA members.

I was very happy with the CEMRA meeting last week in Orlando.  We had an excellent turnout of members at our meetings and I am pleased with the direction EFC is taking overall with CEMRA.  The synergy between CEMRA and EFC together with increased communications, strategic objectives and a collaborative approach is key to our success!” – Mike Hodges, Adanac Sales

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EFC would like the thank the following CEMRA reps for their generosity in sponsoring the 2020 CANADA Night Reception:

Gold Leaf Sponsors

  • Tony Munden, Munden Enterprises
  • Ed Tuggle, DAD Sales
  • Patrick Marion, Desdowd

Red Leaf Sponsors

  • Kevin Smythe, Mike Hodges, EFC CEMRA Chair, Adanac Sales
  • Greg Moylett, Cindy Doherty, John Hadley, Intralec Electrical Products Ltd.
  • Dave LeCappelain, K.M. Roberts & Assoc. Ltd.
  • Brent Norrey, Roney Marketing


If you would like to sponsor the CEMRA Night event at the EFC Conference in Banff this May, please contact Nathalie Lajoie at nlajoie@electrofed.com.

Mark your calendars for next year’s NEMRA 21 Conference:

NEMRA21 Orlando World Center Marriott, Orlando, FL, February 2-6, 2021