EFC Welcomes New Manufacturer Member: Mysa Smart Thermostats

Mysa Smart Thermostats specializes in designing and manufacturing smart thermostats for electric heating and cooling systems. The Mysa tagline is “We’re keeping you cozy and helping you create a sustainable, electric future for our planet — one smart thermostat at a time.”

Mysa was co-founded in 2016 by brothers Josh and Zach Green in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. Mysa Smart Thermostats mission is to fight climate change. Through the creation of their smart thermostats for heating and cooling, Mysa Smart Thermostats creates a thoughtful and innovative technology to help customers across North America feel comfortable while also helping to build a better future for our planet.

The EFC-Official Representative from Mysa Smart Thermostats is Maggie Smith, Trade Channel Specialist.

Visit: https://getmysa.com/