Port of Montreal Strike: EFC Co-Signs Letter with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to Take Action | Send Your Input

The Port of Montreal has been in a general strike position since August 10th and no goods are travelling through this port.  Other ports in Canada have also been affected, as goods are being stored at those ports and they are reaching capacity.  The automotive sector has already noted that many of their components travel through the port and that their members are going through significant expense and effort to re-route products to keep their assembly lines running. Therefore, there is strong concern for the interruption of our channel’s supply chain, not only for manufacturers and distributors, but for customers in our channel as well. EFC has connected with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and is part of a working group to support advocacy initiatives. This week, EFC co-signed a letter with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the working group, addressed to The Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister of Labour, strongly encouraging all parties to reach a rapid resolution. Read this letter.

EFC will continue to monitor and gauge the impact of the Port of Montreal strike on our industry so we can share our voice on the issue with all levels of government. Click here to send us your input.