2020 EFC Research Study Coming this September! Talent for an Emerging Workforce

In EFC’s latest membership satisfaction survey, ‘Talent Availability’ was ranked by members as the top game changer affecting their organization. To address this topic, EFC has partnered with PwC and has assembled a committee of members to help develop a research study that is set to explore talent requirements for an emerging workforce within the Canadian electrical industry.

This study will examine how shifts in the electrical industry (new technologies, changing demographics, etc.) are impacting general talent availability needs – and what organization development strategies members will need to deploy to build a stronger workforce of the future. A survey has been sent to all main contacts at each member company to help gain an industry perspective on talent requirements. Results will be analyzed to understand our industry’s needs and challenges.

EFC and PwC will present the findings during a virtual presentation on September 10 at 2pm EST. Register for a Talent for an Emerging Research webinar here.


Exploration Areas:

  1. What will the new workforce look like? What is shaping this shift?
  2. Industry needs assessment: talent mapping – aligning required skills with strategic goals:
    (a) What new job skills does our industry need?
    (b) What do we need to do to develop key skillsets now? In the future?


Desired Outcomes:

  1. Organizational development strategies: roadmap for member companies: recruitment and upskilling
  2. Industry-wide strategy to address gaps (skillsets, benchmarks)

For further details, contact Swati Patel at spatel@electrofed.com.